My "RZA63"

My "RZA63"
My "RZA63" with 2rz-fte

sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

Show car number 1 !

Well,no final place this time but still we got trophy for a nicest done car again!

In first round i was third again and two get place to final. rear tires was jammed and clutch melted of course.

then we make more room to tires and to repair clutch we have to weld it so we get direct power to gearbox.

Then second round,i think there was 7 cars and i was fourth and only one get final place for that round.
it was quite difficult to drive with that and i hit walls many times,i lose brakes also and without clutch... well,very much challenge!
then rear tires stuckd again and starter havent got enough power to move car with gear (reverse gear stucked on so i couldnt move forward at all) so i was flagged out.

final result

so show car trophy with makita battery drill/battery screwdiver combo was the final result and we were very happy for that!

my "driving suit" was taken from dukes of hazard also,well not just the same clothes but very similar...

perjantai 23. toukokuuta 2014

Demolition derby

Couple of days,then its time time wreck cars!

our "racecar" is almost done.
Tonight is decoring time what means painting and little details.

Pics later when its done. engine feels to be ok,only thing to worry is again clutch,it feels quite good but its the weakest point and drive shafts comes next.

in sunday we see how old mazda can go there,there is 32 competitors so race will be tough...
our cars body is in good shape,there is rust only in front footrooms and there you dont get much hits because safety bars stops those.

something more you find here: (only finnish)

perjantai 16. toukokuuta 2014

Demolition derby in lahti 25.5.2014

Again its time to wreck cars :)

And this time race is in my hometown so we dont have to travel...

My car will be mazda 626 in late eightys.
Much easier to build because its equipped with carb so we dont have so much electrical stuff than if it have efi.
Pics later, our theme will be "general lee" ;)