My "RZA63"

My "RZA63"
My "RZA63" with 2rz-fte

lauantai 23. toukokuuta 2015

Toyota Club of Finland kesätapahtuma 2015 porissa


Kesätapahtuma paikkana toimii Mericamping, Merikarvialla, noin 50 km Porista, 150 km Vaasasta ja 160 km Tampereelta . Leirintä alueella on 22 mökkiä, caravan paikkoja, sekä mahdollisuus pystyttää telttoja mökkien pihoihin.

Autojen esittely tapahtuu Rantahuoneen parkkipaikalla, joka sijaitsee muutaman kilometrin päässä leirintäalueesta. Lauantai päivälle on varattu ohjelmaa niin aikuisille kuin lapsillekkin. Aikuiset pääsevät osallistumaan rastiajoon Merikarvian hienoissa maisemissa ja lapset pääsevät maalaamaan auton.

torstai 14. toukokuuta 2015

garage happenings

Little updates for a long time...

Lexus got new summer wheels,8x18 interaction mesh and 235/40 tires.

But im not happy with thoses.
They still look too small for this car.
So im searching now 19 or even 20" rims for a reasonible price...

I havent upload pics from couple of car shows but one i want now share.
very nice looking jzs147 body toyota aristo with 20" rims and air suspension. That what i want for our car but money talks...

I also take those mkiv supra springs and shocks off.
Car was nice and low but very terrible to drive...
So i bought lowering springs and i put original shocks with those back.
Its now 1,8" lower than original,not much but still better look than original offroad-look...

For carina i bought new gear-box. It came from sweden because those cost like 1/3 price if you compare to finnish prices.
Its w59 from 2001 year toyota hiace. That car had 2,700cm3 version of rz-engine,3rz-fe.
Its same block type so bellhousing sits now direct,now theres in place w50 with c-engine bellhousing.
Its so much modified that it fits and there has been many problems with that so i want better choice.

Last summer tires i sold away so i need newones.
Maybe little bigger like 16" with wider tires,time shows what i find.

I tried to drive little while in winter with this but it was pain in the ass...
No grip at all and i stucked many times to snow.
Also low temps (like -20 degrees) and not so good tuned engine doesnt help lot...

I will update pics and videos later when i got car back in business!

Thats all for now.
I try update blog litle bit more in future,now its like idling but hopely it gets more revs later :D

V8/Gti-magazine kiihdytyspäivä vesivehmaalla 6.6.15

sunnuntai 22. maaliskuuta 2015

Car shows coming!

First 25-26.4.2015 in tampere,hot rod&rock show.

american cars,tuning cars and lots off other stuff.

toyota club of finland is going there again with four cars,couple of years we have skipped this but this year not.

more info:

And then 2-3.5.2015 classic motorshow in lahti.

7th time and this happening is growing every year!

lots of old and restored cars inside and big outdoor show in parking lot.

toyota club of finland and crown&corona club shares this years apartment.

three cars is coming in this years show from us.

more info:


lauantai 17. tammikuuta 2015

Garage happenings

Im working with my ratty wagon for a long time.
it has stayed in garage corner half a year now because i want something new.

little update is coming to outside,stuff in roof go away and i only leave those bars with something smaller stuff.
i want this thing to go low so it looks much better if its more clean looking all the way.
new smaller wheels and tires (something like 175/50r13) and finally maybe some homemade rust is coming...

that original engine is so tired up and smokes like hell so it must go away too.
ive get for free 1,6 16v engine from 2000 year corolla wich was broken (couple of burned valves) and it has been now rebuild.

i want something old school so i dont put injection or direct ignition anymore (because i dont have those and i dont want spend money to this a lot)

so there will be carbs from honda cbr 900 (38mm keihin quottros :) ) and distributor from toyota 2e engine.
and a lot of homemade parts like engine mounts,clutch housing,distributor place,intake and exhaust manifold and vvt-wheel must be locked because i cant control that without ecu.
so lots of work is coming,if everything goes ok this thing could be moving in summer but lets see...

one photo after engine rebuild,carbs and manifold are there only for example

plan is to make engine compartment clean as possible so its total opposite what car looks.
i will keep project updated,,,