My "RZA63"

My "RZA63"
My "RZA63" with 2rz-fte

keskiviikko 24. joulukuuta 2014

car hunt vol.2

Its time to find right cars again.

year ago i made same contest and then there was quite little competitors but hopely now more...

same rules than last year:

If you are bored and you are interested about cars ,try answer right to these,what car is in picture? 
all pics are from finland and myself taken.

if you know right brand,0,5 points
and right model,0,5 points

You can send answers to me by email


title:car hunt 2013
message: picture1: chevrolet corvette
             picture 2: toyota crown

and so on...
Remember add somekind of name/pen name! ! !
You can also add somekind of text that you get part to this competition by my blog because this is added to couple other place too. Add example "founded in your blog" or something like that end of your message...

i put scores to this blog and i try update scoreboard for a couple of days.

If i get enough many competitors i will send somekind of trophy/memory to winner ! ! ! (even if you live outside of finland! )

after deadline,i but right answers and hole pics to my photosite.

if there is somekind of misunderstanding like some picture could be something else that i disbute,i hope that we can deal with it somehow. (right answers are in finnish models,if you offer foreign model wich looks just like it,i will admit it)
Dont take this too seriously! ! !

if you have any questions,ask here by sending comment or send email to me:

i send competition also to toyota club of finland forum (members only) and finnish demolition derby forum
There is 18 pics now,16 singles and last two pics you have to know two cars each.
so 20 points max.
this year deadline is sunday 18.01.2015 before midnight (finlands timezone,click here to check right time )
so there is three weeks time to answer...
NEW DEADLINE 25.1.15 in same time ! ! ! !
if i get many competitors i will arrange new round to top5 or 10 etc.

And here are round 1 pictures! :

Merry christmas and happy new year 2015

perjantai 17. lokakuuta 2014

Garage happenings

God dame im so lazy to write...

well nothing bigger updates anyhow...

lexus works fine,carina works awesome if i think that how badly its tuned.
i drive it every day,only bigger problem was little electricity issue but that was only caused by bad battery.
and wastegate vacuum hose melts at internals but that is now problem at all...

2,5 months and little bit over 1000 kilometers,not much but lots of fun :D
and rear tyres must change if winter doesnt arrive soon...

diff needs lock and actually i have one,hopely i get new rear end done in next winter

Detroit locker truetrac

in same time my gear ratio change 4.1 to 3.9 and im thinking its better,hopely i also can change w50 tranny to w5# aluminium based tranny.
from sweden i can find w59 trannys from hilux (my engine was there too) for a very reasonable price  but those trannys have very short first and second gears.
but i can mix other w-series trannys so maybe its best choise get one for a project from there.

short burnout in the end,maybe more before winter arrives ;)

and ratlook corolla sits still... and it will sit hole winter.
i dont want drive with that now,next time will be in some day. :)
first i want there something strange under bonnet,like this

or this

bike engine or mazda wankel... my dreams,if i cant get those,then something from toyota but dont know what...

sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014

Family albums

Ive been huge fan to rc-cars all my life.

when i was teenager i had several of those and now when my kids are growing bigger we started to drive with these again.

nowdays i have four drifters (HBX cheap one,team asso tc3 x1 and tc4 x2) and of course my alltime first one,kyosho raider,is still in my garage.

here is that tc3:
I have many bodies to those and so much spare parts/tires that i drive with those rest of my life...

and then i have one gravel machine,speed passion RS2.

Its equipped with brushed old school electrics,well 2S Li-po is quite modern battery,and almost in stock otherwise.
Those drifters has been upgraded quite lot,lots of aluminium,carbon fiber etc.

Some pics you can find here:
click here

and couple videos:

Team asso tc3

Speed passion RS2

torstai 14. elokuuta 2014

FinnJAE 2014 completed

And it was very nice happening again!

Sadly number of cars is going lower and lower every year,i think there was something like 50-60 cars in saturday afternoon.
earlier there has been easily over 100 cars in same time...

anyway,we were there hole weekend in cottage,from our club (toyota) we have several cottages so there was lots of friends and both evenings went wery late (or early :D )
noisy music,little dancing,sauna and so on.
time just flies!

in saturday we have little games like air filter throwing,alternator throwing,little quiz and finaly between all japanese clubs collect four (big) guys to rope pull.

last year we won that trophy but this year nissan/datsun club was stronger.
actually other clubs didnt take part in because there wasnt enough people...

these weekends just go so fast and sunday came too early again and this was last bigger event in this summer.
our club served good lunch to members in sunday before everybody went to home trip.

but next year is coming and we have lots of plans to make this event better and hopely we can get more people and cars then.

more pics

perjantai 25. heinäkuuta 2014

FinnJAE 2014

"The Finnish Japan Auto Extragavanza"

Its that time of summer that all japanese car owners happening is coming.

8-10.2014 in Himos,Jämsä.

Toyota,nissan/datsun,subaru,mazda,honda and so on.
everybody in same place.

Map link

Click here

and more info

in facebook


pictures from old happenings you can find from web, and keyword "finnjae"

2012 and 2013 pics from my camera in my photosite

lauantai 28. kesäkuuta 2014

Holiday feelings !

Summer is best time here in finland.
Sun is shining and and summer holiday is on.

We get lucky and we have rented same cottage were we have been allready many years.

This week or two takes you totally relaxed, no car repairs and actually nothing else too...
Just sun taking, sauna and bathbarrel with hot water :)
Maybe couple of beers goes too ;)

sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

Show car number 1 !

Well,no final place this time but still we got trophy for a nicest done car again!

In first round i was third again and two get place to final. rear tires was jammed and clutch melted of course.

then we make more room to tires and to repair clutch we have to weld it so we get direct power to gearbox.

Then second round,i think there was 7 cars and i was fourth and only one get final place for that round.
it was quite difficult to drive with that and i hit walls many times,i lose brakes also and without clutch... well,very much challenge!
then rear tires stuckd again and starter havent got enough power to move car with gear (reverse gear stucked on so i couldnt move forward at all) so i was flagged out.

final result

so show car trophy with makita battery drill/battery screwdiver combo was the final result and we were very happy for that!

my "driving suit" was taken from dukes of hazard also,well not just the same clothes but very similar...

perjantai 23. toukokuuta 2014

Demolition derby

Couple of days,then its time time wreck cars!

our "racecar" is almost done.
Tonight is decoring time what means painting and little details.

Pics later when its done. engine feels to be ok,only thing to worry is again clutch,it feels quite good but its the weakest point and drive shafts comes next.

in sunday we see how old mazda can go there,there is 32 competitors so race will be tough...
our cars body is in good shape,there is rust only in front footrooms and there you dont get much hits because safety bars stops those.

something more you find here: (only finnish)

perjantai 16. toukokuuta 2014

Demolition derby in lahti 25.5.2014

Again its time to wreck cars :)

And this time race is in my hometown so we dont have to travel...

My car will be mazda 626 in late eightys.
Much easier to build because its equipped with carb so we dont have so much electrical stuff than if it have efi.
Pics later, our theme will be "general lee" ;)

perjantai 21. maaliskuuta 2014

Nothing special but.... summer is coming! ! !

long time no see...

winter was very bad,lots of rain but all came in water. very little snow and temperature was almost all the time in plus degrees.

we dont even get any iceroad-day this winter because of that.
very strange weather here in finland...

well,now its good time to look at summer.
our daily driver works ok,bigger wheels i have planned for the summer but i think that my summer car gets all my attention.

its almost ready,actually i havent done anything bigger to that.
bigger injectors (560cc from mitsu evo 7) and bosch -044 fuel pump are waiting.
in next month i think that i can get this coupe to dyno with new parts and then to inspection.

rat-look corolla goes then behind garage to wait new plans...

my friends mkII escort with cosworth engine needs also my help.
megasquirt for that is what i have to do.
i hope that we get this monster also to the road in this summer!

in summer i have many happenings where im going to be,i try write some stories of those.
first one is classic motor show in lahti,only 1,5 months go to that.
and of course we are there with toyota club of finland compartment!

to home page (in english)

in the end,our "toyotas" in pics. (click picture to show it bigger)

my old blog restoration is badly unfinished,i try return it maybe later...

daily driver: lexus gs300 jzs147 -94 (equipped with mk iv supra shocks and springs and 235/45r17 tyres)

our "family member" and my work-trip car, rat-look corolla STW ke26 -71

(it works (almost) ok in winter too ;) )

and finally my for-ever-project,carina coupe "rza63" -82

something more about these cars i will tell later ;)