My "RZA63"

My "RZA63"
My "RZA63" with 2rz-fte

perjantai 21. maaliskuuta 2014

Nothing special but.... summer is coming! ! !

long time no see...

winter was very bad,lots of rain but all came in water. very little snow and temperature was almost all the time in plus degrees.

we dont even get any iceroad-day this winter because of that.
very strange weather here in finland...

well,now its good time to look at summer.
our daily driver works ok,bigger wheels i have planned for the summer but i think that my summer car gets all my attention.

its almost ready,actually i havent done anything bigger to that.
bigger injectors (560cc from mitsu evo 7) and bosch -044 fuel pump are waiting.
in next month i think that i can get this coupe to dyno with new parts and then to inspection.

rat-look corolla goes then behind garage to wait new plans...

my friends mkII escort with cosworth engine needs also my help.
megasquirt for that is what i have to do.
i hope that we get this monster also to the road in this summer!

in summer i have many happenings where im going to be,i try write some stories of those.
first one is classic motor show in lahti,only 1,5 months go to that.
and of course we are there with toyota club of finland compartment!

to home page (in english)

in the end,our "toyotas" in pics. (click picture to show it bigger)

my old blog restoration is badly unfinished,i try return it maybe later...

daily driver: lexus gs300 jzs147 -94 (equipped with mk iv supra shocks and springs and 235/45r17 tyres)

our "family member" and my work-trip car, rat-look corolla STW ke26 -71

(it works (almost) ok in winter too ;) )

and finally my for-ever-project,carina coupe "rza63" -82

something more about these cars i will tell later ;)

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