My "RZA63"

My "RZA63"
My "RZA63" with 2rz-fte

sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014

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Ive been huge fan to rc-cars all my life.

when i was teenager i had several of those and now when my kids are growing bigger we started to drive with these again.

nowdays i have four drifters (HBX cheap one,team asso tc3 x1 and tc4 x2) and of course my alltime first one,kyosho raider,is still in my garage.

here is that tc3:
I have many bodies to those and so much spare parts/tires that i drive with those rest of my life...

and then i have one gravel machine,speed passion RS2.

Its equipped with brushed old school electrics,well 2S Li-po is quite modern battery,and almost in stock otherwise.
Those drifters has been upgraded quite lot,lots of aluminium,carbon fiber etc.

Some pics you can find here:
click here

and couple videos:

Team asso tc3

Speed passion RS2

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