My "RZA63"

My "RZA63"
My "RZA63" with 2rz-fte

lauantai 17. tammikuuta 2015

Garage happenings

Im working with my ratty wagon for a long time.
it has stayed in garage corner half a year now because i want something new.

little update is coming to outside,stuff in roof go away and i only leave those bars with something smaller stuff.
i want this thing to go low so it looks much better if its more clean looking all the way.
new smaller wheels and tires (something like 175/50r13) and finally maybe some homemade rust is coming...

that original engine is so tired up and smokes like hell so it must go away too.
ive get for free 1,6 16v engine from 2000 year corolla wich was broken (couple of burned valves) and it has been now rebuild.

i want something old school so i dont put injection or direct ignition anymore (because i dont have those and i dont want spend money to this a lot)

so there will be carbs from honda cbr 900 (38mm keihin quottros :) ) and distributor from toyota 2e engine.
and a lot of homemade parts like engine mounts,clutch housing,distributor place,intake and exhaust manifold and vvt-wheel must be locked because i cant control that without ecu.
so lots of work is coming,if everything goes ok this thing could be moving in summer but lets see...

one photo after engine rebuild,carbs and manifold are there only for example

plan is to make engine compartment clean as possible so its total opposite what car looks.
i will keep project updated,,,

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