My "RZA63"

My "RZA63"
My "RZA63" with 2rz-fte

torstai 24. maaliskuuta 2016

Car happenings in finland

couple of happenings that i want to advertise.

classic motor show 2016 in Lahti 7-8.5.2016 (english version)

this years theme is finnish rallycars and of course there is plenty of cars wich are now 30 years old.
toyota club of finland have own apartment again and we are going to show couple sport cars and one evergreen 30 year old model.

in june there is coming couple of street racing days and atleast another i want to take a apart with my coupe.
in vesivehmaa near lahti,

and nnc street slide in hyvinkää, and

and of course there is coming many more like toyota club of finlands track days,summer event and FinnJAE 2016 (place and time is under progress)

more info about those later!

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