My "RZA63"

My "RZA63"
My "RZA63" with 2rz-fte

perjantai 8. marraskuuta 2013

Garage happenings

Little late this update for that demolition derby...

car get finished and race is raced.
it went quite well,to the final i didnt pass but car get wrecked and i have lot of fun!

and main point,we win that show car price what we want! !
coolest car in hole race.

Pics tell everything better so here you are:

all mods done

 then we paint it white
and then lots of striping and more colour and stickers of course. main point was that car looks like it is -90s toyota rally car...  Of course little joke like "castrol" turns "kastrol" because we are in finland and so on but that was main point. human can be crazy,he waste one hole week to make this and money was burnt couple hundred euros...
and only reason is try wreck this car...
but i think we succes quite well with paint job!

our transport vehicle. car and equipments sits back of the bus and people in front so all goes with one "car".
 first round over and my cars clutch melted just in critical point. 8 cars in start and 3 was only moving when my clutch brokes,2 get straight final place... so we have to weld clutch to the flywheel,then we have straight power between engine and gearbox. of course i have to start car with gear on always when i want shift but we had good battery...
 rear shocks are in strange place... camry was so rusty that hole backend was totally mess after only one round.

 front looks quite good.
 then pics after second round. rear end was so mess that i started to wreck front but in some point cars frame cuts oil pan in half and all engine oils went to the track.also all cooling waters was gone so it was only matter of time when engine stops running and i have to give up...

 can you still recognice that this is camry?

so car got that "show car 1" price,3 best looking get prices.
and we were happy!
i got that little trophy and quite good socket/wrench set for price (click here)
little consolation for my money and time and of course my neck and sholder pains after race...

we had 3 inside videocameras in car (1 go-pro in helmet,1 go-pro filmed front happenings and 1 bullet HD was bolted inside roof and it was filming backside happenings) and we try edit somekind of compilation of those to the youtube...

morer pics for my car,click here: my camry pics
here you can watch very nice pics from hole race: click here

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