My "RZA63"

My "RZA63"
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torstai 5. joulukuuta 2013

Family albums

Long time no see or something like that...

i havent been here for a long time but something must write.

that ahvenisto demolition derby got tv-people in there and in next week (10.12.2013) you can watch what they done with camera.
TV2 (in finland of course) you can watch it.

Link to website: puoli seitsemän

i will send link later here if you can watch that in web.


Our lovely daughter broke our laptop screen and now we have finally newone,my old blog is coming piece by piece back but it will take more time.
first i have to learn use windows 8... :D

maybe someone could change that screen but i dont know...
i but that in closet and fix it later...maybe...

I try update this page again soon with some carstuff... hopefully :D

If you are bored and you are interested about cars ,try answer right to these,what car is in picture? ;)
i did that quiz in our toyota club of finland weekendparty about month ago...
all pics are from finland and myself taken.

if you know right brand,0,5 points
and right model,0,5 points

so 29 pics,30 points max.
one car in one picture except last one wich have two cars.

and we didnt use google or something else,just our own memory ;)
but that i cant stop if you use...
best scoring without google was... 24 points or something like that.

little help,there is 15 toyotas...

and here are pics: "car hunt"

You can send answers to me by email


title:car hunt 2013
message: picture1: chevrolet corvette
             picture 2: toyota crown

and so on...
Remember add somekind of name/pen name! ! !
You can also add somekind of text that you get part to this competition by my blog because this is added to couple other place too. Add example "founded in your blog" or something like that end of your message...

i put scores to this blog and i try update scoreboard for a couple of days.

right answers will come before christmas so deadline to send answers is...?
so there is two weeks time to find right answers!

If i get enough many competitors i will send somekind of trophy/memory to winner ! ! ! (even if you live outside of finland! )

Thoseone who have done this quiz in our fintoys meeting,cant answer now...
after deadline,i but right answers and hole pics to my photosite.

if there is somekind of misunderstanding like some picture could be something else that i disbute,i hope that we can deal with it somehow. (right answers are in finnish models,if you offer foreign model wich looks just like it,i will admit it)
Dont take this too seriously! ! !

if you have any questions,ask here by sending comment or send email to me:

i send competition also to toyota club of finland forum (members only) and finnish demolition derby forum

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